Stay Away!


self defense


This special program offers self defense training for women and girls. We offer seminars, series and ongoing classes. 

Self Defense system born
​on the battlefields of Israel

can save your life

on the

streets of America!

Krav Maga

on Bicycles


Motivated by attacks on bicyclists around the Twin Cities, Krav Maga Minneapolis developed a program to help cyclists avoid and defend themselves while riding. 

Krav Maga Classes

for adults


Krav Maga is a simple self defense system that incorporates your instinctual reaction to an attack. 

Krav Maga Minneapolis Self Defense Training

Other Programs


We offer special training within Krav Maga: Law Enforcement; Krav Maga on Bicycles; women-only, Krav Maga for Kids; as weill as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and RKC Kettlebells.

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Krav Maga Minneapolis
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